The essence of Milo Grill!
Milo Grill intends to leave no one indifferent with the creations of chef Lluis Lunas and his wide experience in the most prestigious kitchens. The Cannellonis with prawns and vegetables topped with fresh cream cheese or the Poached egg on top of pickled potato stock with cod are just a few examples of how you can start. But we must not forget that the real secret of our restaurant is a stunning charcoal grill that adds a special taste to the finest cuts of Black Angus steaks, imported from Argentina and Nebraska. And to obtain a perfect marriage, we prepared the best selection of Argentinean and Spanish wines – a unique and outstanding gastronomic experience.
The restaurant also has a Private Room ideal for events such as friends meetings, family special occasions, birthday parties and all types of cooperate events for up to 60 people. Milo Grill is open every day, except Sunday nights, and must be a meeting point for friends and family to enjoy a unique meal in a pleasant atmosphere.

Opening hours

Monday-Saturday 13h-16h // 20h-23h Sunday 13h-16h


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Group menus
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Today’s specials
In addition to the traditional menu, every 15 days we launch new dishes to surprise our customers with new combinations of flavors .